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Annual General Meetings

ICSA members meet every year at the Annual General Meeting to discuss critical issues related to the international securities market.

The meetings feature prominent speakers as well as ICSA members addressing a range of topics. 




Frankfurt, Germany

May 2024

Seoul, Korea

June 2023

Washington, D.C., USA

June 2022


June 2021


June 2020

Milan, Italy

June 2019


June 2018

Mexico City, Mexico   

May 2017

Stockholm, Sweden   

May 2016

Mumbai, India  

April 2015

Paris, France    

April 2014

Sydney, Australia

May 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

June 2012

London, United Kingdom

May 2011

Istanbul, Turkey

May 2010

Washington D.C., USA

May 2009

Seoul, Korea

June 2008

Toronto, Canada

June 2007

Tokyo, Japan

October 2006

Lugano, Switzerland

May 2005

Stockholm, Sweden

May 2004

Rome, Italy

April 2003

Sydney, Australia

March 2002

Paris, France

May 2001


April 2000

Gleneagles, Scotland

April 1999

San Francisco, USA

April 1998

Seoul, South Korea

April 1997

Vancouver, Canada

May 1996

Lucerne, Switzerland

May 1995

Sydney, Australia

March 1994

Cannes, France

April 1993

Osaka, Japan

March 1992

London, U.K.

April 1991

Washington D.C., USA

April 1990

Ottawa, Canada

June 1989

Tokyo, Japan

December 1988