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Member Newsletters

                                                                         Key Elements Of A Newsletter - Custom Web Solutions


    Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA)  - Asia

Consultation Responses  

Public Policy Resources  


   Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) – Australia

Monthly e-newsletter


   Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) – Europe

AFME publishes regular research updates and statistics on a wide range of topics throughout the year

AFME's responses to Consultations 


    Association francaise des marches financiers (AMAFI) – France

Financial Newsletter (3x per year)


  Asociacion Mexicana de Instituciones Bursátiles, A.C. (AMIB) – Mexico



  Association of Thai Securities Companies (ASCO)  - Thailand

Quarterly Newsletter


   Bundesverband der Wertpapierfirmen e.V. (bwf) – Germany

Opinion Letters


  Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers' Forum (BBF) – India

Forum Views Magazine (monthly)


  Danish Securities Dealers Association (DSDA) – Denmark



  Italian Association of Financial Intermediaries (Assosim) – Italy

Circulars (monthly)


  International Capital Market Association (ICMA) – International

Quarterly Report


  Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) – Canada

e-newsletter (weekly) 


 Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) – Japan

Research and Studies


  Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) – Korea

Review (annual)


   New Zealand Financial Markets Association (NZFMA) - New Zealand



  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) – USA

SmartBrief (daily), Dashboard (weekly) and numerous others


  Swedish Securities Markets Association (SSMA) – Sweden



 Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA) - Turkey

Semi-Annual Review