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Álvaro García Pimentel Caraza, CEO
Paseo de la Reforma 255, 1er. Piso, Col. Cuauhtémoc CP. 06500, CDMX, Mexico
Phone Number: 
+52 55 5241 5100
+52 55 5342 9240

The Asociación Mexicana de Intermediarios Bursátiles A.C. (AMIB) was founded in 1980 as a non­governmental and non­lucrative Mexican institution.

AMIB’s mission is to encourage the growth, development and consolidation of the financial industry and derivatives market in an appropriate environment for investment both at the national and international level. To accomplish this mission AMIB has established as general purposes to act as a self­regulatory organization in coordination with other regulatory institutions that intervene in the Mexican financial and derivatives markets. Furthermore, it promotes and spread the financial culture in Mexico. AMIB also represents and defends the general interests of the Associates and Affiliates in any common issue before the public administration and private organizations. Moreover since 2002 AMIB was recognized as a self­regulatory organization and authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission to be body of certification of brokers and representatives of brokerage firms, Mutual Fund Companies or any other financial dealer that operates in the Mexican financial industry.