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Research Documents

                                                                       Types of research methodology - Voxco                                                                                                                                


ICMA publishes "Liquidity and resilience in the core  European sovereign bond markets" (March 2024)  /sites/default/files/4ea6d980-974f-440e-962b-d05092bec000.pdf

ICMA publishes a new paper on transition finance in the debt capital market (February 2024) /sites/default/files/a351f027-cdae-45f0-9505-cd6ece8ca391.pdf

ASIFMA publishes new report “Enabling an Efficient Regulatory Environment for AI – Practical Considerations for Generative AI” (January 2024)  /sites/default/files/4914a76e-d3e6-448d-bb2d-936956143f15.pdf

ICMA, supported by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority publishes third edition of The Asian International Bond Markets: Development and Trends (March 2023)   English version       Chinese version

AFME: Liquidity Provision & Risk Management – Corporate Bond Markets (March 2023)

ICSA EMC 2022 Study Sustainable Capital Markets in Emerging Markets /sites/default/files/ICSA%20EMC%202022%20Research%20Report%20-%20Sustainable%20Capital%20Markets%20-%20June%2022.pdf

ICSA EMC 2021 Study Development of Emerging Capital Markets /sites/default/files/ICSA%20EMC%202021%20Research%20Report%20-%20Development%20of%20Emerging%20Capital%20Markets.pdf

ICSA EMC 2020 Study Financial Market Responses to COVID-19   /sites/default/files/ICSA%20Emerging%20Markets%20Committee%20Report%20-%20Responses%20to%20Covid-19%20-%20May%202020%20.pdf

What is Next for Securities Regulators? - Ian Russell /sites/default/files/Ian%20Russell%20May%2020.pdf

ICSA Chairman's Insights /sites/default/files/April%202020%20ICSA%20David%20Lynch_0.pdf - April 2020

ICSA EMC 2019 Study Comparison of Key Statistics in Securities Markets across Jurisdictions /sites/default/files/EMC%20Research%20Report%202019_1.pdf

ICSA EMC 2018 Study Measures Taken for Investor Education and Protection for Direct Equity Investors across Emerging Market Jurisdictions (May 2018) /sites/default/files/Investor%20Education%20and%20Protection%20-%20ICSA%20EMC%20Paper%202018.pdf

GFMA publishes GFMA Guiding Principles for Market Transparency

                            GFMA Framework for the Regulatory Use of Penetration Testing in the Financial Services Industry

ASFIMA publishes China’s Capital Markets – Navigating the Road Ahead (March 2018) /sites/default/files/china%27s%20capital%20markets%20%20continuing%20to%20navigate%20the%20road%20ahead.pdf

ICSA EMC 2017 Study Improving the Regulatory Impact Analysis across Emerging Market Countries (August 2017) /sites/default/files/ICSA%20EMC%20report%20-%20August%202017%20-%20Improving%20the%20Regulatory%20Impact%20Analysis%20across%20Emerging%20Market%20Countries.pdf

ICSA EMC 2016 Study Financial Innovation in EMC Capital Market /sites/default/files/Financial%20Innovation%20-%20ICSA%20EMC%20-2016.pdf

ICSA EMC 2015 Study Market-Based Financing in Emerging Market Countries /sites/default/files/Study%20on%20EMC%20Market%20Based%20Finance%20-2015.pdf

ICSA Research Note: Promoting Mutual Recognition (September 5, 2013)
(view this document in pdf format)

ICSA EMC’s Report on "Financing of SMEs through Capital Markets in Emerging Market Countries" (February 2013)
(view this document in pdf format)
- Letter to IBRD (view this document in pdf format)
- Letter to IFC (view this document in pdf format)
- Letter to IMF (view this document in pdf format)
- Letter to IOSCO (view this document in pdf format)
- Letter to OECD (view this document in pdf format)

ICSA EMC’s Report on "Derivatives Markets in Emerging Countries" (May 2012)
(view this document in pdf format)

ICSA EMC's Report on "Corporate Bond Market in Emerging Countries" (June 2011)
(view this document in pdf format)

Self-Regulation in Financial Markets: An Exploratory Study (September 2006)
(view this document in pdf format)

Principles and Regulations for Research-Related Conflicts of Interest (December 2004)
(view this document in pdf format)

Contingency Planning in ICSA Member Countries (2003)
(view this document in pdf format)

After The Bubble Has Burst: New Rules for Research Analsysts and Research Related Conflicts of Interest (June 3, 2003)
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                                                   Student Survey


ICSA Member Survey Conduct and Culture (April 2016) /sites/default/files/ICSA%20MEMBER%20SURVEY%20-%20RESULTS%20-%20CULTURE%20AND%20CONDUCT%20-%20April%202016_0.pdf

Proficiency Standards in ICSA Member Countries (2002)
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Bankruptcy/Insolvency Framework (1999; 2000)
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