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Our Vision

ICSA is the global organization of securities industry associations representing securities firms operating in domestic and cross-border markets across the globe, including East and West Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe.


ICSA advocates appropriate regulatory policies and regulations, policy approaches and techniques across jurisdictions, and public policy initiatives to promote efficient and well-functioning securities markets, and the efficient flow of cross-border capital in global capital markets. Appropriate regulatory initiatives should assist in leading to increased confidence and efficiency in the markets. These initiatives should also assist in increased economic growth, benefitting markets participants and the general health of global capital markets.

ICSA provides a forum for member associations to understand market and industry developments across indigenous and cross-border markets, exchange views on the conduct of regulatory and public policy in domestic markets, and collaborate for more efficient capital markets. ICSA assists regulators and government authorities in understanding the global, consolidated and non-biased position of industry as it relates to proposed policy and regulatory reform initiatives in global capital markets.



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