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Board of Directors

The Board functions as the management committee of ICSA. The Board is responsible for:

(a)             making recommendations on the strategic direction for ICSA’s activities;

(b)            ensuring that ICSA is effectively managed;

(c)             monitoring ICSA’s activities to ensure they are in keeping with ICSA’s organizations principles, objects, values and strategic direction;

(d)            recommending to the Membership proposals for strategic action by ICSA and a course of action on policy issues;

(e)             presenting to the Membership annual financial statements, an annual business plan and an annual budget, including a proposal for annual Membership fees and the fees for the General Meeting;

(f)             reviewing the activities of the Secretary General;

(g)            approving the agendas for ICSA’s Membership Meetings;

(h)            exercising oversight over ICSA’s budget; and

(i)              any other responsibilities as delegated by the Membership or as necessary for the functioning of ICSA. 

The Board is composed of a minimum of

(a)             one Director elected as Chair;

(b)            one Director representing the Member hosting the next General Meeting;

(c)             three Directors representing the Members paying the highest feesl;

(d)            one Director representing a Member located in Asia/Australia;

(e)             one Director representing a Member located in the Americas; and

(f)             two Directors representing Members located in Europe/Turkey.


Standing Committee on Regulatory Affairs

The Standing Committee on Regulatory Affairs is ICSA’s overview policy committee and all ICSA members are encouraged to participate in the work of this Standing Committee to the greatest extent possible. The Standing Committee on Regulatory Affairs is responsible for ICSA’s high ­level relationship management including ICSA’s relationships with IOSCo,  the Financial Stability Board, and  the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The Standing Committee is also responsible for developing ICSA’s responses to significant regulatory initiatives at the global level and at the regional/national level when necessary.


Emerging Markets Committee

ICSA’s Emerging Markets Committee (EMC) serves to bring together the ICSA members located in emerging market economies so that those associations can discuss and work on issues of particular relevance for them. Beginning in 2011, the Emerging Markets Committee has produced two important research projects, the first looking at corporate bond markets in emerging market economies and the second examining the development of derivatives markets in emerging market economies. The EMC has also worked to develop relationships with IOSCO’s Emerging Markets Committee as well as with relevant individuals in the IMF and the World Bank.