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Serdar Surer, Secretary General
Büyükdere Caddesi No 173 1. Levent, Plaza A Blok Kat:4, 34394 Istanbul, Turkey
Phone Number: 
+90 212 280 85 67
+90 212 280 85 89

The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey was established in March 2001 as a self-­regulatory organization in the Turkish capital markets. Banks, brokerage firms, asset management companies, and listed investment trusts that are authorized for capital market operations constitute the members of the Association.


  • Contribute to the development of the capital markets,
  • Facilitate solidarity among its members,
  • Safeguard prudent and disciplined conduct of business by its members,
  • Prevent unfair competition,
  • Enhance professional know­how


Activities of the Association:

  • Establish professional rules and regulations,
  • Propose changes in capital market rules and regulations,
  • Set safety measures to prevent unfair competition,
  • Conduct investigations,
  • Impose disciplinary action,
  • Conduct research and offer educational programs,
  • Assist in the resolution of disputes arising from off exchange transactions among its members or between its members and investors,
  • Cooperate with related foreign institutions.