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Laura Paglia, President & Chief Executive Officer
TD West Tower, 100 Wellington St West. Suite 1910, P.O. Box 173, Toronto ON M5K 1H6 Canada
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The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) is a member­based, professional association that advances the growth and development of the Canadian investment industry. IIAC acts as a strong, proactive voice to represent the interests of the investment industry for all market participants. Our member firms range in size from small regional firms to large organizations that employ thousands of individuals across the country. Our members work with Canadians to help build prosperity and investment security for investors and their families. The IIAC’s mandate is fourfold:

  • Advocacy: To be the voice of the investment dealer and brokerage industry, advocating on regulatory and public policy issues for an investment environment that is efficient for our members and that fosters savings and investment by Canadians
  • Industry profile: To build a better appreciation of the contribution that the securities industry makes to Canadians, to Canada’s capital markets and to the Canadian economy
  • Member support: To offer operational support that contributes to the ongoing success of our members and to their ability to cost­effectively serve investors and issuers
  • Market advancement: To promote globally competitive capital markets for Canada