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Jose Carlos Doherty, CEO
Av. Doutora Ruth Cardoso, 8501, 21st floor conj. A - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP - CEP: 05425-070, Brazil
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ANBIMA, the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Markets Entities, is a non-profit organization whose 300+ members represent the plurality of Brazilian markets.  ANBIMA brings together banks, managers, brokers, distributors, and administrators of all sizes.  ANBIMA operates from the financial capital of São Paulo and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. 

ANBIMA was formed in 2009 through the merger of the National Association of Investment Banks (ANBID) and the National Association of Financial Market Institutions (ANDIMA), institutions that had represented the market for more than four decades.

ANBIMA has four missions:

1) Representation: Advocacy is carried out through active participation in public hearings and debates and discussions with regulators, government agencies, and associations in Brazil and abroad.

2) Self-Regulation: ANBIMA leads Brazil's private and voluntary self-regulatory model by facilitating the establishment of 1) rules by and for the market for control and enforcement and 2) codes of best practices.  

3) Information:  ANBIMA is the main provider of Brazilian capital and financial markets data, releasing fast-paced, reliable, and timely statistics and analysis and reports.

4) Education: ANBIMA certifies professionals through qualifying examinations, offers training courses for professional and ongoing development, and disseminates financial education content and research.