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Vispi Bhathena, Secretary General
808A, 8th Floor, BSE Building, P.J Towers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001
Phone Number: 
+91 22 22721930 / 40
+91­22­2272 1930

About us:

The Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers' Forum (BBF), is a distinguished not-for-profit association comprising over 650 members across India. Recognized by the Government, Regulators, and Market Infrastructure Institutions, BBF stands as the apex body for Indian Securities firms.

In addition to its national prominence, BBF holds memberships in esteemed international forums such as the Asia Securities Forum (ASF), International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA), and International Capital Market Association (ICMA). This global presence allows us to engage with financial market bodies in diverse jurisdictions, fostering valuable connections and insights.

At BBF, our mission is to champion stable, competitive, and efficient Indian capital markets that play a pivotal role in supporting the economic growth of the region. We actively pursue this mission through a range of initiatives, including engaging in consultations with government, regulators and exchanges, advocating for market enhancements through meticulously crafted policy papers, and organizing impactful seminars, webinars, and workshops for our members.

In our commitment to fostering knowledge and collaboration, BBF hosts international investment conferences and summits. These events serve as platforms for exchanging ideas and experiences with financial experts from around the world, contributing to the global discourse on capital markets.

Furthermore, BBF places a strong emphasis on Investor Education and Awareness. Through dedicated sessions, we empower investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, promoting a healthy and transparent investment environment.

As part of our multifaceted approach, BBF also publishes a monthly Capital Market & Lifestyle Magazine, offering insightful content on market trends, lifestyle, and other relevant topics. This publication serves as a valuable resource for our members and the wider community interested in the dynamics of the capital market.

At BBF, we are not just an association; we are a dynamic force committed to excellence, collaboration, and the continuous advancement of the financial landscape.


Contact details:

Mr. Anurag Bansal, Vice Chairman & Head - International Affairs

Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers' Forum (BBF)               



BBF Secretariat:

Dr. Vispi Rusi Bhathena, PhD (h.c.)

Chief Executive Officer

Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers' Forum (BBF)