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ICSA members produce various capital market data. 


  Australia (AFMA)

AFMA provides comprehensive coverage and statistics on Australia's OTC market and the equity and futures exchanges in its annual reports.


   Europe (AFME)

AFME provides quarterly statistics on securitization, equity primary markets and trading, and government bond data for Europe.


  Mexico (AMIB)

AMIB provides quarterly statistics on Mexico’s securities industry and equities market in its publications. (Only available in Spanish)


  Brazil (ANBIMA)

ANBIMA offers a platform that gathers market asset data and tools to help with decision making.


  ASIFMA (Asia)

ASIFMA offers a Resources page.


  Italy (ASSOSIM)

ASSOSIM provides semi-annual statistics on the trading volume of bonds, futures, and options in the Italian financial market. (Only available in Italian)


 International (ICMA)

ICMA provides semi-annual statistics on the size of the European repo market, produced by surveying financial institutions across Europe.


 Canada (IIAC)

IIAC provides annual statistics on bond and money market secondary trading data – also available in a quarterly format – and new issues in the equities market. IIAC also produces a Canadian securities industry performance report on an annual basis.


Japan (JSDA)

JSDA provides a variety of capital market data, including on equities, bonds, derivatives, and the securitization market. JSDA also produces statistics on the Japanese securities industry.


Korea (KOFIA)

KOFIA provides data on equities, bonds, derivatives, and the securitization market, among other areas of the Korean capital market. KOFIA also produces statistics on Korea’s financial investment industry, including the securities, asset management, futures, real estate trust, and investment advisory sectors.


New Zealand (NZFMA)

The NZdata Service collects, calculates and publishes the following reference rates and pricing information:

The following data is available without subscription:

  • NZ Bank Bills (daily rates are on a 24 hour delay)
  • Bank Bill Daily Transaction Reports
  • WM/Reuters NZ Cross Rate Fixings (non-NZFMA data, published only).  View the WM/Reuters Spot & Forward Rates Methodology Guide HERE.
  • Trade Weighted Index (TWI)

Link to free data page



SIFMA provides data on the U.S. capital market in areas such as equities, bonds, derivatives, and the securitization market, as well as quarterly and annual statistics on the U.S. financial industry. SIFMA also produces the SIFMA Fact Book, an annual reference containing comprehensive data on the securities industry, capital markets, market activity, investor participation, global markets, savings and investment, and much more.

Industry Statistics:

SIFMA Fact Book:


Turkey (TCMA)

TCMA provides capital market fact sheets and statistics on Turkey’s brokerage and asset management firms’ trading volumes, portfolio management information, and firm profiles.