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Urban Funered, CEO
Blasieholmsgatan 4B, SE-111 84 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone Number: 
+46­ 8­ 56 26 07 00

The Swedish Securities Markets Association (Svensk Värdepappersmarknad) was founded in 1908 as an association for co­operation between the members of the Stockholm Stock Exchange at that time. Nowadays the Association acts more as a catalyst for collaboration between the companies making up the securities market in Sweden. According to its constitution, the Association is an association of institutions trading in securities in Sweden under the Securities Business Act, or carrying on some other comparable activity on the Swedish securities market. Its stated purpose is to look after the common interests of the members. The membership includes virtually all of the Swedish securities institutions, both securities companies as well as banks. The Association has always been closely linked with the share trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. More recently, the Association's activities have also covered trading on the bond and money markets and the derivatives market. The main goals are as follows:

  • to work with the end in view of having a capital market in Sweden that functions as effectively as possible,
  • to create the best possible working environment for the members by achieving close co­operation throughout the industry,
  • to provide service to members and to further their interests.

Within the framework of these main goals, the Association sees itself as having a special mission to exert its best efforts to ensure that any legislation affecting the area creates the best possible conditions for the capital market and therewith for the members' activities. This includes business legislation, which provides the framework for the members' operations, and civil and tax legislation, on which a large part of the securities market is based.